Simple Preventive Measures Of Your Silver Chains

Simple Preventive Measures of Your Silver Chains

After taking the time to identify and purchasing your silver chains, the focus now shifts to taking care of them to last long and serve you better. When you think of the amount you have spent on the accessories, there is need to ensure you use described methods of care to give the protection that goes beyond the eye. In the cost-benefit analysis, it is cheaper to use preventive methods in caring for you silver necklace chain than waiting to repair in case of damage or dents. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, the same is applied here. When you reflect on the amount you parted with to buy them, you may automatically think the care is an expensive affair. Worry not because it’s as simple and at most times done unconsciously. Read the following tips below and you will realize it's not hard.

The first preventive care you can initiate is wearing it. Am sure you are shocked how wearing your silver chain necklace offers preventive care. Am sure you thought keeping it in the drawer and wearing it less often was the way to go. It has been proven that your body has oil in it and coming in contact with the silver chains cleans them and makes them remain shiny throughout. This has come as a surprise, but it is the case.

Secondly, avoid exposing to substances that can tarnish or corrode your chain. Substances like household chemicals, rubber, materials with sulfur, or perspiration are substances to avoid if you want to maintain the shiny look of your chains. If you want to do your house chores, it is advisable to remove them. Direct sunlight also tarnishes your ornament. Next time you opt to go swimming, keep them safe before you jump in the water and when sunbathing. Typically, most women before going out apply lotions, various sprays and hair products to look beautiful. This trend is worrying because these products destroy and accelerate tarnishing. A short term remedy employed by some women is to put it on last after using those products. The reactions will eventually wear out the silver chains in the long run.

Lastly, store them in airtight containers that contain anti-tarnish strips. This is the best preventive measure you can employ. It is, however, ideal for single storage as multiple chains are likely to scratch each other. This is because of their soft metal. If it has hooks, it is important to keep them unhooked to prevent scratches likely to occur. If you not sure if your container is airtight, consider putting a piece of chalk or charcoal inside to minimize tarnish likely to occur under storage.