Similar Sites To Fiverr

There has been a large increase over time with the number of people looking for micro-jobs. These similar sites to Fiverr, are usually a way of either keeping busy or making a little extra money to keep their life/business going. And let’s face it, these sites are extremely successful and probably aren’t going ANYWHERE soon. Because of their efficiency the number continues to rise, ever since the Fiverr idea was begun in 2010. As you will realize there are several similar sites to Fiverr, which interestingly offer the same services, and some unique differences. One thing we must appreciate, is that Fiverr was the first site to have offered an online platform where sellers can sell their services for as little as $5, and they also have the most traffic, funding and investments into their company. This later opened platform to other different kinds of sites which as listed below, you will get to know.


When you talk about other sites a number of sites spring up making just impossible to understand which is which. To be able to fully benefit from such it is important to do your study and know what are pros and cons to avoid being scammed as many people have been overtime. Some of the sites include:-

·  TenBux - the site hit the waves with a bang and promised a lot. But users overtime have realised that currently there isn’t much activity taking place. They sell their services for a sum of $5 to $10. So before heading there, make your facts right.

·  SEOClerks - Is mostly related to SEO gigs but unlike other sites have a wider paying figure. Sellers can sell their gigs for anything from $1 to $999.    Because of the affordable rates, it has a large following making it sometimes difficult to find a buyer for your gig.

·  Fourrer - is one other very popular similar sites to Fiverr. One thing you will realise from the site is its familiarity to Fiverr. It offers gigs from as low as $4. It offers badges to its top most sellers.    Buyers and sellers alike receive incredible rewards. It is an open place for all.


As a gig seller it is important to work with a site that offers you gigs without having to wait the whole day. These gigs when done well are quite paying off. The rise in numbers of such online platforms has created a forum where even students can earn pocket money without depending on their parents. Despite the rise, Fiverr still tops the list. It has been in the market long enough and has one of the best ever payment platforms. It is virtually impossible not lose money on Fiverr as most people will tell you.