Reviews Online: Get Rid Of Bad Yelp Reviews

Reviews online: Dealing With Your Yelp Reviews

Internet and Life Project: ‘90% OF AMERICANS HAVE RESEARCHED A PRODUCT OR SERVICE ONLINE’’46% of American adults say they have posted comments or reviews online and 49% WILL NOT BUY WITHOUT REVIEWS ONLINE.’


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Your Reviews Online:  Be Proactive On Yelp

  1. Claim your Yelp listing and respond to the reviews online.
  2. Actively seek out reviews from your best customers:   Send an email to your best customers with a link to your Yelp page   Have business cards printed with your Yelp address Tip: use a URL shortener like to abbreviate the URL on the business card to something like,  Print POP material in your store and ask people to login and review from their smartphones or setup a text-2-review system for the most seamless and efficient results.

 Managing Your Reviews On Yelp

3.  Yelp discourages active solicitation of reviews. Yelp has a heavy-handed algorithm and buries many good and negative reviews.  Whether a review is visible or not depends on things like:  How new is the Yelp account of the reviewer? Has the reviewer ever left other reviews online before? Are all the commenters reviews 5-star? Regardless, you DO need to solicit reviews to manage your brand online. Because now more than ever does the consumer have the buying power in the marketplace