Prayer For Wisdom

Prayer for Wisdom

It is natural for human beings to always look upon a higher power for various needs in their lives. Therefore whenever you are about maybe to make a crucial decision in your life and you that you cannot trust anyone else for advice, God is always the only option. And considering the fact that He is a God who hears prayers, it is important to go before him to seek for answers. If you are asking God to give you wisdom for example, declare before Him that all wisdom comes from him and that there is nothing you can do without Him. When you approach God with that right attitude and with strong faith, God will have no choice but to honor your request.

God answers the prayers of his children

Just the way he answered the Prayer of King Solomon, God is also able to answer the prayers of anyone who comes before Him because he is the same today, yesterday and forever. He never changes .a prayer for wisdom can be made by anyone who wants it. Perhaps you want God’s wisdom to help you make a certain decision in life. If you truly believe that all wisdom comes from God and you approach Him with absolute reverence, there is no doubt that God will answer your prayers and grant you the wisdom that you require. Again, your intentions while asking for wisdom from God are very important. Remember God sees even inside your heart. He can discern your thoughts and intentions. Therefore be as honest as possible when you approach God.

All Wisdom is from God.

All wisdom comes from God. In the Old Testament for instance, we are told that one time Solomon was asked to request anything from God and he asked God to give him wisdom. This clearly shows that there is no other place that we can acquire wisdom other than from God. There is also an adage that goes, “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom”. The only thing that we therefore need is just to pray to God so that He can give us that wisdom the way He did to King Solomon. God is always keen to listen to those who approach Him with sincerity and enough faith.

In a nutshell, while making a prayer to God whether it is a prayer for wisdom or any other prayer, it is important to first acknowledge that all wisdom comes from God and that He is the only one who can give it to any man. Just the way He was able to give it to King Solomon, He is faithful enough to give it to any of His children who wants it. Last but not least, remember faith is a key element whenever you are asking anything from God because faith without works is dead.