Nail Salons In Sarasota Florida - More Than An Ordinary Service

Nail Salons in Sarasota Florida - More Than an Ordinary Service

Over the last years there has been a rise in nail salons in Sarasota Florida thereby making it a little hard for those seeking services to know where to go.  But this is in the past at there is much more than meets the eyes.  Our two salons boast of knowing why we are in the market.  This is no ordinary salon as many are made to think.  We hold a first place 2012/13 – Readers Choice Award, Herald Tribune for nail category.  This kind of feat that does not come easy nor did we earn it one day.  It took years of excellent service to do so.   

Just before describing about our services and why we stand out, I wish to state that we have some of the best artist, technicians and professionals in the nail care market.  Our staffs receive training to ensure that they catch up with the changes in the sector and are also able to effectively handle a client without any supervision.   A client is always right and we stand by what we believe. But that does not mean that we do not offer professional services.  We do a lot of that for new customers or those that need a little change from their regular routine.

We boast of many years of service having started out in 2001.  We offer several services and if you need to find out just make an appointment.  We are open all the days of the week with little changes in time.  That is why it is important to make a booking so that we do not keep you waiting unnecessarily or come and find us closed.   Our nail art technicians interestingly have been in operation for over 20 years making it easier for us to undertake different kinds of services.   Services offered here include shellac polish of different kinds.

We also offer services in nail art, enhancements, gels, and acrylics just to name a few.  Lest I forget you will also join manicure, pedicure and signature combos.  Nail salons in Sarasota Florida greatest dedication is to provide nothing but the best to our large number of growing clientele.  We appreciate the incredible services customers have accorded us and allowing us to stand with them this far.    It is our utmost desire that every customer that walks through our doors feel relaxed and leave rejuvenated.  Our sanitation procedure is beyond par and if you care to check read available reviews.