How To Study ACCA Online Perfectly


Every discipline of study has a systematic set of rules that govern its way of running. An appropriate study strategy will result in success in the tests given. Here are the key factors required in achieving your goals as an online student.

Have a computer.

This is a key necessity for a student to be enabled to study ACCA online. Computer literacy is a basic requirement to maneuver through the online study program. Owning a functional computer is like holding the whole world in your hands; a limitless access to data is achievable by the mere touch of a button.

Internet access

This goes hand in hand with the access to a computer. You might be required to maintain an unlimited access to the internet in order to keep yourself updated with the current happenings. Institutional websites keep updating their data with the most recent occurrences. Fast internet connection is recommended so that one does not have to encounter connection problems.


Planning your work and the time to do it will never give you sleepless nights of worry over unmet deadlines in your pursuit to study ACCA online. As mere as the online study looks, assigning it a particular time ensures that you religiously follow your schedule to the letter.

Study materials.

Having the relevant sources of accountancy content to study is a key factor in online study. Luckily, the internet is very fertile source of data from which reference can be done. Various types of E-books can be found even on the ACCA website. Some are obtainable at a cost while others are free. Video lectures are also freely accessible and downloadable. Some more specific sources are approved online lecture presentations. Revising for accountancy exams might require you to have calculators or log tables.

Study environment

The choice of your place and neighborhood when doing your studies need to blend with what you are learning so as to be productive. Learners often find it easier to study in calm and serene noise-free environments such as most if not all libraries. The simple and direct reason is that the human mind is usually quickly distractible by what is happening around them.


As simple as it sounds, money is a key thing to online reading. This comes in where you need to purchase books for further extensive reading. Also, services accessed during the learning process such as internet, library membership and printing of the acquired material requires money. Purchases of E-books, stationery, examination cards plus payment of the online course study program are all expenses that cannot be met on an empty pocket.