How to Get My First Fiverr Work

Starting an online business is one thing and finding customers is another. This comes in especially when you try to find a new customer which is very tough on any new platform. I have written this article with an aim of sharing with you the best tips that will help you in getting your first Fiverr work.


Fiverr Gigs Titles

To have your gigs perform better, I will advise you to have clear and concise titles. Even in Fiverr, they say “The shorter the better”. Make sure it’s a complete sentence “I will” and “for $5” are already in the title, so you just fill in the blank. Whatever you do, don’t go over 60 characters or your title gets cut off in most cases. I know it might seem difficult to have your gig conveyed in just a few words, therefore all you should do a test and try out a number of different variations. Once you’ve come to a conclusion of which title conveys the message best, add it in. If you want to do a split test (only do this for your MAIN gig) then you can try two different titles and see which has more search volume or even interest. To find out the words that are searched more, use the Google keyword planner and then move towards using Fiverr’s auto suggestion feature in the “Tags” section for a final “confirmation” you have the most searched terms in Fiverr. After doing this you will be able to get what word(s) most customers are searching and maybe even a specific gig. Basically, with the right search words, you’re going to get our first customer in a short while.


Fiverr Gig Description

Your opportunity to get your first customer will come if the customers have a clear understanding of what they are buying. With a detailed description of your products or services, customers are going to know why they should do business with you. Explain the details of why it’s even important to buy your service (sure they clicked through, but re-affirm why). In Fiverr you are given a number of features that will help you enhance your description. Features like numbered list, text highlighting, formatting with italic or bold fonts and also large font sizes. By explaining your gig into details you will be able to attract customers even more through the use of bold terms that are important (people are skim readers), to bullet pointing the few items they will receive for their initial $5 purchase.


Fiverr Reviews – Asking for Feedback

To be able to know what customers liked/disliked, have a feedback message in your delivery template, asking customers to leave their feedback. You will be able to know what gigs are valuable, and by this you will get your first Fiverr work even faster, because you will have an idea of what to offer and what not to.


Here is an example message that we use:

1) How many times have you used us?

2) What is your overall feeling about our service?

3) Describe in detail a specific experience with us that you were happy with.

4) Describe one or two benefits that you have gotten from us that you value the most. Explain specifically what you’ve gotten out of them.

(YES) I do NOT mind if you use my name in any or all of your promotional materials. (remove “YES” if you do not want this)
Thank you very much. We really appreciate your honest answers.


And that’s all there is to it. When you deliver a quick message like that, you can get some great feedback that you can use on your website and in ALL FUTURE PROMOTIONS. Get it? If you are going to be doing things online for years to come, it helps to start a new niche out with LOTS of reviews, doesn’t it? So long as you are within the same field, these people are attesting to your skills and abilities in your industry! We’ve done this across multiple platforms, from our blossoming article writing team, who now have over 1,000 written reviews attesting to their quality, to our SEO team who has serviced over 10,000+ companies now and has over 5,000+ reviews and 500+ portfolio Page 1 rankings in their website. Bottom line, reviews are important EVERYWHERE.


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Fiverr Gig Image & Gig Video

A recent statistic by Fiverr shows that seller who used videos to describe their gigs, sells 220% more than those that don’t use this. Therefore, to get your first work easier on Fiverr, I must say that video and image description optimization is a requirement you should put work into. Even if it takes a couple hours to get the video right, or you need to pay an editor $5-$20 to get the video REALLY good, it’s worth it. The video really shows buyers who is investing their time up front for their gigs.


Fiverr Gig Guarantee

You should also offer a guarantee to your customers. If you do this, you will be able to persuade customers who are unsure about ordering anything. For example, you can offer 100% money back guarantee on your gigs. This will help you get you first Fiverr work and even for more in the near future. Of course, with Fiverr Returns, there is always a “money back guarantee” because a buyer can just complain and Fiverr returns the funds without asking another question. What really matters, is the fact that you state it for those who are NEW to Fiverr, and thus you can get easy sales, just by adding one sentence. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF YOU’RE NOT 100% SATISFIED


With these simple tips, be sure to get your first Fiverr work and keep growing your business.