How Security Officers Identify Fake ID


When you see a real original item, be sure that a fake version of the same exists. As openly as we can talk about the far-flung use of fake id, it remains illegal to own and use one. Impersonation is an offence punishable to varying degrees by different authorities. But as real a threat that may sound, scads of persons have used or intend to use them in various places. Majority of underage teens and immigrants account for the highest usage of the fake ID. The following are ways through which security officers at diverse positions get to identify fake ids:

Guilloche blue prints

These are repetitive patterns usually displaying converging or overlapping shapes on the card. Although not very common, the incongruent spiral lines on a non-legit may create impression of unoriginality that may raise the brow of some very impeccable security experts. Most of them will check the card against bright light to trace such minute features and therefore it is not a very popular practice with them unless they become suspicious.


Almost all authorities or corporate organizations use specific lamination material for the production of identification cards. Obviously this is meant to maintain uniformity and reduce the chances of fraudulent activities. If your fake id for instance is delaminated or laminated with a different material from the one used by the concerned party, chances of being caught are high. Also, untidy, bumpy and grotesque looking cards usually attract more attention and scrutiny.


Most of the cards made behind corridors display opacity features, with the hope that they will not undergo too much scrutiny. The essence is to make them resemble real ids so the small nitty-gritty parts would not mean much. Serious makers of unoriginal ids however, put reasonable effort to minimize errors of dissemblance. This mainly features in the part displaying the photo of the bearer. Luckily, not many guys will recognize such features.


How you present yourself to the security guards asking for your id matters a lot. Many of them are trained to discern your behavior from afar by looking for suspicious habits especially that show discomfort. Any person will be tensioned up when that police officer or inspection guard is looking at you and you almost imagine that he has found out your secret. Behind your mind, you are aware of the consequences that you are prone to suffer if found. The inspection guards use your vulnerability to their advantage and anything as little as greeting you might write your fears in red on their visages.