How Bars And Bouncers Identify Fake IDs

How Bars and bouncers identify fake IDs

Having a fake ID that scans is not sure proof that you will always be able to purchase alcohol or get through adult clubs. In addition, being able to behave like an adult and owning a genuinely looking fake ID are two different things. So, stick with me and learn how bars and bouncers catch nervous guys with fake IDs.

The most common question that bouncers will ask if they suspect that you are carrying a fake ID is your age. I know you probably have a fake ID because you are underage. But the question is do you really know the age written on your fake ID? Once a bouncer asks you that question and you stutter, the deal ends there for you. So, always cram the age indicated on your fake ID. Sometimes bouncers will ask clever questions such as what your age was on 9/11, or what your date of birth is.

Another question that can easily get you into the bouncer’s trap is your zip code. That five digit code that is unique to every state usually gets a lot of guys into trouble. However, since the digits are only five, why not memorize them? Again I really advise people to acquire fake IDs with states that they have once lived in.

Additionally, you can easily get caught if you know little about the area your ID indicates you come from. A suspecting bouncer can for instance ask you what high school you attended. If you start fidgeting, then high chances are that you are going to get thrown out of the club. In some instances, some bouncers can even alert the cops. So, to be on the safe side, even when you have a fake ID that completely resembles an original one, do some research about the details indicated on your ID.

Details about your height, weight and even eye color can be confusing even when you have them on your fingertips. Sometimes, bouncers will just pose a random question to you, not to test if you really know the answer, but to observe your reaction. In other words, when carrying your fake ID, your mannerism and behavior should really suit the occasion.

Finally, if you are really wondering what is it that cops and bars check for in fake IDs, here is my simple answer. Most low quality fake IDs omit things such as little hologram markers, patterns in the UV ink and making poor graphics on the IDs.