Free College Football – ACC Review

Free college football – ACC review

Almost every week sports handicapping experts in Vegas and other states offer free college football pick that anyone can probably use to beat the betting deadline. Looking at teams such as ACC, it has always been known as basketball champions. However, contrary to what many people believe, these guys are also wonderful when it comes to football. Over the past few years, perennial football champions such as Florida and Miami state have significantly dropped in terms of performance. There have emerged other teams that have given them a run for their money and are being watched by many people for free football picks this season. Let us see some of these upcoming contenders.

Georgia Tech yellow jackets

This is one of the teams that has really surprised many. Their able coach Paul Johnson has done a wonderful and has placed proved that indeed the yellow jackets are not just another team in college football.  They should actually take it out with Virginia tech for the conference championship. The level of football they have shown lately is just amazing

Virginia tech Hokies

Virginia tech has also become a dominant team in the ACC. This is despite lacking a Vick for several years now.  They have won a lot of games beating even the champions that no one would imagine. That is why free college football picks became a bit tricky because not many people really expected much from them.

Florida State Seminoles

The academic cheating scandals that have been witnessed lately can really affect the Seminole’s past wins and even the recruitment process. Indeed it has been a terrible blow both to their coach Bowden and the entire team in general. The scandal has affected the way people view them and therefore not many players would easily accept to join the Seminoles any time soon.

Nonetheless, what really makes college football is the fact that it is one of the pure sports that anyone can really watch. Despite the negative reviews that you often find in the newspapers there is much credit that can be given to college football. Most players who engage in college football never even get the chance of proceeding to any other level after that. It might just become their highest level in football.

Last but not least, free college football picks can sometimes be tricky because sometimes it is hard to really tell if your favorite team will continue having the stamina they had when they last played. However, many people just close their eyes and give them the benefit of doubt.