Essential Dabbing Tools Every Dabber Needs

Essential Dabbing Tools Every Dabber Needs

Now that you have a dab rig of your own, it’s time to buy the right accessories.

If you thought there was a big selection of different rigs, just wait until you take a look into the market of dabbing accessories! Oh Boy!

In a nutshell, you’ve got: dab nails, torches, domes, dabbers, then you have a wide variety of adapters, and the list goes on!

Luckily, we’re here to give you a helping hand.

Most people are only aware of the standard dab nail, torch, and rig combo. Although this may work effectively, there is much more to the world of dabbing.

This post will provide you with information regarding essential dabbing tools to fit your dabbing collection. Let’s take a puff of this knowledge.

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What are the 3 Essential Dabbing Tools?

1.     A Dab Nail

2.     Torch or Device to heat nail

3.     A dabber

Dabbing tools that you may or may not need:

·       Vapor dome (necessary with certain types of nails)

·       Rig adapters (to enhance a certain aspect of vaporizing: filtration, preventing reclaim, ect.)

·       An E-nail (if you dab every day – you may want to invest into one of these puppies!)


What better accessory to start with than with the nail?

All dabbers know that a dab nail is absolutely necessary to take a dab. Whatever shape, size, or style nail it may be. It is a necessary accessory.

The nail’s job is to vaporize your precious concentrates, without it there would be no vapor.

Just apply some heat to your nail, using a hand-torch, and that thing is ready for some dabbing.

Although I stated that the nail was absolutely necessary, the hand-torch is not thanks to a marvelous recent invention. But you’ll discover more about that later in this post.

Time to move on to the most controversial aspect of dabbing. The hand-torch.

The first time your friends see you using one of these, the look of astonishment on their face will be priceless.

Although it may seem complicated, the hand-torch is solely to heat the nail. That’s it. You’re not touching the concentrates with the torch at all.

Torches are fueled with butane so be ready to buy a new can of this stuff twice a week depending on your dabbing frequency.


PRO TIPIf youre a daily dabber, an e-nail may be a good pay-off in the long run.

Take a look online and you will see the vast selection of hand-torches available. Different shapes, sizes, power, brands, etc. Very fancy stuff.

Personally, if you’re brand new to hand torches, I recommend buying your first one at a local home improvement store. The reason being is, you can get the best idea of size, weight and mobility.  Plus, they will have higher quality torches than many typical online head shops.

My personal favorite that I’ve used for years (and still use to this day) is the ST2200T bernzomatic Micro Butane Torch.  It’s superlight weight, has a child resistant switch, has a trigger-style air button and doesn’t waste too much butane. Due to the fact it’s so lightweight makes it easier to heat the nail. 

NOTE: I prefer to use mini oil rigs instead of full-size rigs – if you prefer larger dabs, a larger model torch will work better for heating larger nails.

Please be cautious with these things, ladies and gentlemen. I think it goes without saying the danger involved with a hand-torch.


Ready to hear about the most revolutionary invention to enter the dabbing community?

Wait for it… The E-Nail!

Also referred to as electronic nails, these are the most intriguing product to any experienced dabber.

If you prefer concentrates over dry herbs and you dab daily – it’s time to throw out that hand torch, because you will not be needing it again! Electricity is your new best friend. Seriously, let’s say that it costs, $8 for a refill can of butane and each can lasts a week – there’s 52 weeks in a year – you’ve just spent $416 on butane alone in one year!!!

E-nails start at $200, and even at full price ($299) you’d still be saving $117.00 over the year, not to mention no more fumbling with butane!

Rather than heating your nail with a flame, the electric nail is heated by, you guessed it, electricity. Basically just plug the thing in, wait a few moments, then take a dab.




On to dabbers!

These tools are used to apply your dab to the nail. These also come in a variety of materials such as: glass, titanium and ceramic.

Although the function is simple, artists have done their best to create some rather amazing styles which you may enjoy!