Do You Like Fiverr


Fiverr has over the years seen an incredible rise in the number of customers registering and buying gigs, and also an increase in sellers registering and making money each and every day selling gigs. It is not a surprise that since its launch in 2010, a lot of other companies or alternatives have found their way into the growing market. These online platforms have come with lots of competition. It is important to note that this is one of the online platforms where if you are a hard worker you can make a lot of money with the right gigs.


One thing you must appreciate is that despite the competition, a large number of people are still known to like Fiverr over all the others. This has been mainly because it has kept its word and despite the amount being paid in question, they keep their word and pay once the job is completed, something you rarely find in other sites.


There are many reasons why people enjoy working for Fiverr. First of all, it is the only site where anyone from any part of the world can comfortably work. They have no limitations to whatever country you come from. Most online platforms like Fiverr always limit workers from other parts of the world from joining their team. Online platforms like Fiverr are allowing the world to be “flattened” per se and be opened to anyone with a desire to make it out there despite their country of origin. There’s writers in India who can produce extremely readable content in English, and yet only charge $5 for a 300 word article. There’s aussies who’ll perform a song while downing a cold one for you. There’s a crazy guy who even dresses up in a thong, dancing around and singing a love song to the person you want – all for $5. Fiverr is pretty awesome, hahaha!


Another great reason why people like Fiverr is because it is a platform with a large number of options for buying. The $5 is always the “standard” but you can add on things called “gig extras” and they can range from another $5 all the way up to $100 for Top Rated Sellers. The variety of options makes it a best online platform as users do not have to look elsewhere for EXACTLY what they need. The gigs tell you exactly what you’ll receive, and you can even see previous works, so it’s a great testimony to the seller’s credibility.


It offers both personal and business platforms for it’s users. So if you’re buying, they have escrow and protection, and if you’re selling they have refunds, feedback cancellations and a great support staff to intermediate. It is a legit site and if for one reason or another you misbehave (as a buyer OR seller), your account will be banned. So treat everyone nicely, and play fairly!


As with most sites of this nature, registration is absolutely free and it is as simple as giving your email and confirming. You are also able to create as many gigs as possible, right after registering, if you are a seller. So both buyer & seller have extremely easy sign ups.


One other thing that people must appreciate is that this is an online platform; managing such large number of customers can sometimes be quite hard. Fiverr is massive with an incredible growth. Thankfully it’s secured over 40 Million in investments, so you can rest assured it’s a very stable company with nowhere to go but up. Despite that, the number of those who like Fiverr for one reason or another is great and continues to grow. It really does not matter what you are looking for, you will find it at Fiverr, and at affordable rates. This is the only site that gives you the chance to work online without a worry in the world.


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