Are You Seeking Financial Freedom, Why Don’t You Offer Prayers For Money?

Are you seeking financial freedom, why don’t you offer prayers for money?

Money has always played a very important role in our day to day living. And in as much as it is not a basic need; I think we all agree that without money we would not be having the basic needs in the first place. When a time comes and you do not have money or you barely have enough, it is with no doubt that you will struggle to make ends meet in the sense that you will find it very difficult to cater for all your needs and perhaps those of your dependents also.

With that said, it is always appropriate for an individual to have a good financial freedom in his or her life. By financial freedom I mean that you have the ability to pay your bills, educate your children and even provide the subordinate needs of life for your family. Even if you have a loan, you are still able to pay for it. However, if you are in so much debt and you are in the verge of bankruptcy, this is the time when you start wishing for a financial miracle to happen in your life to be able to pay your debts or bills.

But did you know that you can achieve financial freedom just by offering prayers for money to the Almighty God? Yes, you can and it all zeros down to a matter of having faith in seeking divine health. Not many people have actually bought into this ideology but for the few persons that have taken the bold step to pray believing for a miracle, it has absolutely worked out for them. But when you pray, you have to ensure that you put your faith into action. Don’t just pray and assume it is going to be okay. You have to go an extra mile and look for that better paying job or formulate a business plan that will work out for you to avail the money.

If you are finding it difficult to offer the prayers for money perhaps due to the prevailing financial constraints, you can always take the initiative and involve Prayer in Israel. This is a prayer organization that presents prayer requests on your behalf at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where it is believe that each prayer request is answered. After a certain period of time, you begin to see a change, perhaps not the way you had envisioned it but a positive change.