3 Fiverr Clone Script Sites in 2015

With the development of Fiverr there has seen the development of numerous Fiverr clone sites that have swept the market. These Fiverr clone sites have been developed to offer similar or part of the products available on Fiverr. However, there are some Fiverr clone sites and scripts that provide poor services and whose developers do not have the other party’s interest in mind.


Now there are quite a number of Fiverr clone scripts out there, and a few of them have back end bugs that allow for hacking (stealing funds) and also scripts that are “updated” but are still stuck in V1 of the Fiverr website (it’s in V2 now). All that said, we’ve gone through all the hard stuff and found the 3 best ones for you to choose from.


Fiverr Script. This Fiverr clone script is widely known for the vast range of micro-job options you can add to gigs. This Fiverr script provides special listings for categories such as article writing and editing, content writing, blogging and social media promotion, amongst others. It’s a good clone of V2 Fiverr. The most amazing feature of Fiverr Script is the fact that it provides gigs and micro-jobs in a number of languages including English, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian. Unlike Fiverr which is majorly English, Fiverr Script can be an ideal platform for you to order your gigs in any of the languages that are convenient to you. PRICE: $100-$400


Fiverr Price. This is another Fiverr clone script site that is considerably trustworthy. Angel.com has given Fiverr Price a credit rating of 6.9 which is quite impressive of a site that was developed less than two years ago. This site is based on WordPress Blue theme which most people are familiar with and may find attractive. One attribute that makes Fiverr Price distinguishable from all other Fiverr clone sites and scripts is the fact that sellers have great control over the tasks they offer. In that regard, a seller can edit, resend, suspend or cancel current jobs. They also have the choice of adding new jobs while there are micro-jobs pending provided that the deadlines for both jobs are adhered to. PRICE: $69


Phpvalley.com. Phpvalley has been one of the top Fiverr clone scripts for about half a year. There isn’t too much info on the site; however, the demo does boast a good look and feel, same as Fiverr’s V2. This site offers top-notch quality scripting at an affordable price. PRICE: $39